The Federation of Master Builders

FMB Member Discounts

We know how important it is to stand out from the crowd in the construction industry. It’s never been more crucial to not only offer your customers an incredibly high standard of work that will last a lifetime but to also deliver that work at an affordable and reasonable price.

If you’re already a member of the Federation of Master Builders, your work already has an incredibly valuable stamp of approval, but why not consider offering something more for your customers?

Our extensive range of warranties ensures that your customer has total peace of mind during the construction process, right through to 10 years post-completion. The great thing is – all of our insurance products come at considerably discounted prices for FMB Members, allowing you to build your customers a fantastic construction package that will leave them worry-free for years after the work has been completed. 

Not an FMB Member yet and want to prove to your clients that you’re a Master Builder? Get in touch with the Membership team by visiting or call 0330 333 7777

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